Haiku Poem – 仕事の醍醐味

ringing laughter cuts the air
new friendships bloom

(Jim version)
ふね が まつ わらう ゆうかぜ だいまんぞく

(Michiko version)
わらいごえ そらまで とんだ よき であい

Recently on my sunset cruise job there was a very large group from Japan that had a private party on the boat. There were about 100 people and although they did have translators with them I also had to help out during the evening with some problems that came up and also mingled with the guests while I was doing my main job. From the moment the customers came on the boat to the moment that they got off the boat I did my best to take care of everybody in the group. The evening went by very smoothly and I spent most of the time talking with many of the guests and taking their pictures on the boat. There were a few minor problems that occured and the translators came to me for help and it was a very nice feeling for me that I was able to help them and make their time on the boat a pleasant experience. I met many people who were from the same area that I lived in while I was in Japan and during the cruise I was able to form some very nice friendships. By the end of the evening when everybody was leaving the boat I noticed that the atmosphere was much different. When everybody came on they were polite but it was an employee – customer relationship but when they were leaving it was a much more friend to friend relationship. It was a very nice feeling for me that I was able to interact with so many people and that they all thanked me many times and said what a nice time they had. That is probably my favorite part of my job!


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Jim Woodhull
– Japanese by Jim Woodhull and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Jim

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