Haiku Poem – 海底の飛行機

giant silver bird
forever on the runway
swimming passengers

(Jim version)
ぎん の とり ファーストクラス は ろうにんあじ

(Michiko version)
ターミナル さかな を のせた ぎん の とり

In 1989 Mid Pacific Airlines, an inter island carrier, went out of business. Atlantis bought two of the planes and sunk them for artificial reefs in 1991. The two Mitsubishi YS-11 planes were sunk in about 40 feet, 12 meters, of water and they went down almost in perfect shape. They were supported on poles and looked like a giant model airplane. Before they were sunk the seats and luggage carriers and windows were removed but the seats and controls in the cock pit were left intact. For about a year I did an underwater tour with my Japanese dive customers. I took up to 4 divers at a time and we would swim in the back of the planes all the way to the cock pit. It was like a big tube with lots of fish! If my customers got nervous they could go out through the windows anytime. Usually they would go into the cockpit and sit in the chairs and I would take pictures of them flying the plane! When the hurricane hit Hawaii in 1992 the current lifted them off the poles and they in a way flew to a depth of about 33 meters (110 feet) and they went end over end and hitting the bottom and were all broken up. Unfortunately all that is left is the wing section from both planes. The rest is in deeper water all broken up and doesn’t even look like a plane. 


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Jim Woodhull
– Japanese by Jim Woodhull and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Jim

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