Haiku Poem – 神輿来た

roaring of sound
gazing up like a child
matsuri is here!

(Jim version)
みこし きた こども に なって おおわらい

I have already written on how my first matsuri was the Aoi matsuri in Kyoto. It was a wonderful experience but my first matsuri at night in Hadano was even better. I have mentioned about seeing the matsuri from the window in the dive store that I worked at but one thing that I remember was the displays and lighting and how everybody, young and old, were all laughing like children again! The lights and colors and the banging of cymbals and drums were all so different but they all went together so well! It was as if this was rehearsed for months before the night of the matsuri but it was all spontaneous! I realized that I was laughing and laughing with everybody else! I think for that short period of time everybody is able to become a child again and see it from a child’s eyes and not a adult’s eyes.


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Jim Woodhull
– Japanese by Jim Woodhull and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Toshiyo Watanabe
ちょうちんの まちなみ、ランタンが、まちを ねりあるきました。

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