Haiku Poem – 夏祭り

tsunami of sound
rolling through the summer night
matsuri time

(Jim version)
まつりきた しずけさ やぶる おとつなみ

(Michiko version)
かけごえで まちは わきたつ なつまつり

The first Matsuri that I experienced in Japan was the Aoi Matsuri in Kyoto so by the time that I did experience the Matsuri in Hadano I knew what a Matsuri was but I was still surprised on how it happened. I was in the dive store with my wife finishing up some work and all of a sudden I heard loud noise of people yelling and drums beating from far off but soon it got very loud. I opened the widows in the front of the store and looked down to see a great crowd of people waking past and knew right away it was a Matsuri. Nobody told us there was one because everybody thought we already knew! My wife and I went down and joined in on all of the festivities and one of the memories I have of that night was going to the Unagi stands and eating lots of Unagi which is one of my favorite foods! I had a lot of fun and I was able to enjoy the Matsuri every summer that I was in Japan.


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Jim Woodhull
– Japanese by Jim Woodhull and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Toshiyo Watanabe

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