Haiku Poem – 笑い声

winter brings cold rain
the locals keep playing
laughing loudly

(Rebecca version)
あめときり そらまでとどく わらいごえ

(Michiko version)
わらいごえ ふゆぞらたかく きりのあめ

Winter on the Sunshine Coast of Australia:

As it approaches the middle of winter the sub tropical feeling of the Sunshine Coast (anetai kikou sei) fast fades and temperatures plummet from a sultry and ever sunny range of high twenties to thirties centigrade, to below 10. The rain is also notorious with this time of year and the locals are seen rugged up to the hilt shivering and shocked at the bout of wild weather as this mid winters change while a dependable part of the climate here, is really an anomaly for this usually sun drenched country sea side region.

A trip to the mountains in mid winter here is a glorious sight, with extra green hills from the constant drizzle of rain that roll on into endless panoramic ocean views that melts into the horizon. The land abounds in natures gifts, various animals can be such as our Australian icon kangaroo can be spotted in a many open parklands across the region, and there is a plethora of bird life who love to sing and whose song can be heard at sunset from one valley to the next, The riverways if not being swum in due to the short winter time cold snap are still abundant with fish and ducks and make perfect fishing for those so inclined.

The more time I’m here the more the beauty and the charm of this unique country landscape burn a place in my heart., and allure me to different adventures that could only be possible here – in the winter of the Sunshine Coast



Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Rebecca Rogan
– Japanese by Rebecca Rogan and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Rebecca

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