Haiku Poem – 江ノ島

climbing rain falls
wind blows thoughts float
haiku sinks down

(Ben version)
あめ ふって はいく かんがえ かみ に つく

(Michiko version)
あめ ふって はいく そうさく ぢ かたまる

I went to Enoshima in October of 2013. Unfortunately, on that day, October 2nd, the wind and rain was intense and it was extremely cold because a typhoon was coming. However, after the typhoon passed, the skies cleared. Since I was not bothered by hordes of people, I was able to stroll contemplatively through the grounds of the shrine at Enoshima. In a word, the view from the top of Enoshima can be described as magnificent. Not only was there not a single cloud in the sky, the majestic Mount Fuji appeared to be very close. Although a bit of an exaggeration, the day was a mix of both fortune and misfortune that were intertwined.

As we climbed at Enoshima, the typhoon drove rain upon us. The wind howled but eventually became still. Much like the storm, my thoughts came and went freely as I strolled through the shrine. Eventually, a haiku poem solidified in my mind just as I descended back down.



Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Ben Clark
– Japanese by Ben Clark and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Nakamura

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