Haiku Poem – ミネソタの秋

river flows south
cold current sweeps red
leaves fall down

きんしゅう や かわ は みなみ へ は は した へ

Autumn has come to Minnesota. Just as the Mississippi river flows south, so too is the cold air coming down from the North and changing everything from green to red. Most notably, the leaves are changing color and beginning to fall. The fact that leaves are falling means that the fall season is here.

 ミネソタにも秋が来ました。ミシシッピ川が北から南へ流れるように、冷たい空気も北から降りてきて、緑の景色をすべて赤に変えています。最も顕著なことは、 木々の葉の色が変わり、葉が落ち始めていることです。葉が落ちているということは、本格的な秋の季節がやってきたということです。

– Ben Clark
– Japanese by Ben Clark and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Ben
This haiku was written in November but please forgive that the picture was not added until December.

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