cold creeps in
I put on my socks
two layers

It’s gotten really cold over the past week. I’m sensitive to the cold, so my feet always freeze really quickly. Even though true winter is still a ways off, it’s reached a temperature where I’m still cold even through my socks, so I wear two layers. The hospital’s uniform has short sleeves and light fabric, so it, too, does little to stop the cold. To warm oneself from the inside is best.

My co-workers are wondering what winter will be like if it’s already this cold, but it’s going to be ok. When true winter sets in, I’m planning on wearing thick tights under my pants with another two layers of socks over them. I’ll wear thin, yet warm underwear underneath my shirt, and on top of that, heater packs stuck to my waist, back and stomack. Finally, I’m going to eat foods that are good at nourishing and warming the body such as ginger.

This is how I endure the winter every year.


ひえ に まけ すでに くつした にじゅう ばき




– Fujisaki Yukiyo
– English by Chay Schiller

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